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Mite Control



  Application Price
TAURRUS treats 1 or 2 terrariums in a curative way and up to 4 terrariums in a preventive way
TAURRUS L treats 5 to 8 terrariums in a curative way and up to 15 terrariums in a preventive way
TAURRUS XL treats 10 to 15 terrariums in a curative way and up to 30 terrarium in preventive way
To order please email pilbara@hotmail.co.uk or tel :01452527274

Use the table above to determine how much mite control you require based on viv size and numbers.

What are the advantages of using TAURRUS®?

  • Using living organisms to control pests is well known and named biological control. This innovative and efficient method allows decreasing the quantity of chemical used reducing the impact on environment and human health
  • There is no resistance when biological control is used in comparison with chemical where resistance are very common.
  • For using TAURRUS® it is not necessary to manipulate the infested animals neither a meticulous cleaning of the cage.

Do we have to change the substrate before using TAURRUS® ?

Removing old substrate whenever possible will help to decrease the level of infestation by eliminating eggs and larvae of the parasites. We are advising to remove the substrate only when the infestation level is very high to accelerate the TAURRUS® effect but this is not an obligation and substrate can be kept.

Is there any risk if too much product is used?

There is no risk of using more TAURRUS® than advised. The only effect of extra dosage will be an acceleration of the mite disappearing.

Are there any side effects when TAURRUS® is used?

No secondary effects on animal were reported when TAURRUS® is used. Nonetheless mould has been reported when TAURRUS® is poured in very humid areas. When treatment takes place in very rich substrate containing a lot of acari, small insect, drosophila larvae…. action of predators slows down.

Is TAURRUS® compatible with chemical treatment?

Most of chemical used for this purpose are also noxious for the predators TAURRUS®. We advise to do not use chemical treatment during the action of predators. Few chemical products with low persistence can be used one or two weeks before using the TAURRUS®, best is to contact us to check.

What is biological control ?

Biological control can be defined as the use of living organisms to control and eradicate pests. This method was first initiate in USA in 19 century against mealybug in citrus crop with the help of a ladybug species.

Afterwards biological control was replaced by the massive use of chemicalvery resistant to chemical and industrial agriculture after the Second World War. In 1970 the method is back to eradicate pest species which have tuned very resistant to chemical.

Biological control was not only used to control pests on plants. Indeed the method was used in animal breeding as well with the help of small wasp to control the srewworm in cows cattle in USA. In Europe same method is used to control the house fly in breeding building.

What are the real effects of chemical treatment?

Most of the chemicals used to control snake mites belong to a family of pesticides named neonicotinoide. Those pesticides target cholinergic receptor of insect and arthropod’s nervous system inhibiting their reactions which make locomotion, breath and digestion impossible.

Those products could have the same effect on snake and mammal with higher concentration and dosage. This is a serious issue since we have very little knowledge on side effects when chemical exposure is repeated over time or mixed with other molecules.